Inspirational Speaking

Francois draws on his seven-year world travel and his experience as a professional coach to facilitate talks and events that are inspirational and transformative. His appearances are bridges into the New World Paradigm.
His clients are event producers, organizations, associations and schools.

His last creation is a series of events called: “Mystic Innertainment!”

Mystic Innertainment! are wonderful and life affirming events, whose intention it is to:

• Reveal the foundation of our Universe as Love!
• Generate breakthroughs and insights that will help you manifest love and prosperity!
• Inspire you, uplift you, and renew your passion for life as a worthy human being!

Part show, part interactive event. A “Creative Salon”, a gateway to a field of possibility that is composed of:

• A theme for the evening. For example: "How to Trust in Challenging Times"
• A collective meditation
• A process that will lead to increase awareness
• Story Telling from his own seven years as a lone world traveler, that reveal the foundation of our Universe as Love
• A “Beauty moment”. i.e: A guest or himself will be playing a music instrument, singing, reading a poem, sharing a prayer, kirtan, tap dancing,etc… ( Francois has performed in streets as well as concert halls in Europe since age 9.)
• A special guest
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