The mountain, a health hazard, and the mustard seed

Written by Francois.

Do you have an obstacle in your life or business that feels like an insurmountable mountain right now? Maybe it's even been there all along?


Yeshua said to them, “Because of your unbelief, for amen, I say to you, that if you had faith like a grain of mustard seed, you may say to this mountain, 'Move from here', and it will move, and nothing will be difficult for you”. ~ Aramaic Bible in Plain English


Christi and I were facing a huge mountain recently when we asked for help from above, and within weeks, the mountain was gone.

It is TRUE that, as Jesus is reported to have said, with faith ALL things are possible. We have all been there; one minute we’re facing what seems to be an insurmountable obstacle, and the next it is gone.


Just over a year ago, PG&E installed “Smart Meters” in our apartment complex. Immediately, many of our neighbors started getting sick, including us. Christi and I were the first to suspect these new meters as the cause of our ill-being, but at first we didn’t say anything because we didn’t want to alarm our neighbors. Over the course of the year however, we realized that we weren’t the only ones affected by this new technology.

One of our neighbors is the single mother of a 10-year old boy. Since the meters were installed, she had had fevers every three days, and her son had been coughing daily. Their bedroom was right above the row of “Smart” meters. One day, she knocked on our door crying and said she didn’t know what was happening to she and her son and wanted our “special doctor’s” information. Another neighbor got so “jacked up” that she had to leave her home where she had lived for the past 12 years to live in a community that hadn’t yet been converted to the “Smart” Meter technology. We saw her the day she moved out, and her whole body was shaking. The most common symptoms among our other neighbors were tinnitus (ringing in the ears), heart palpitations, headaches, fuzzy brain, anxiety, and fatigue.


Motivated by our experience, I went to a CPUC meeting in San Francisco to voice my concerns to the commissioners about a technology that had had a proven impact on our health. There, I was surprised to meet dozens of other concerned citizens, some of whom had become so sick from the smart meters that they couldn’t live in their homes anymore and had been forced to move out. I was also surprised by the lack of care, support, and credibility that was accorded to these citizens by the powers that be. What else could we do?

For now, as we raise more awareness and get more legal leverage to stop the dangerous technology, all we can do is “Opt-out” of the smart meter program. This comes with an initial fee of $75 per household, plus a monthly fee of $10 dollars on top of the energy bill - a strong deterrent for many who are struggling to make ends meet.

We thought there was no way we could get EVERYBODY (20 tenants) to opt-out and spend more money every month, especially since not everyone was consciously affected by the smart meters. We were daunted by the thought of having to educate every single household about the dangers of the meters and convince them that opting out was the safest option for everybody, especially the children in the complex. We decided to let go of trying to do this right away, but kept a strong faith that a solution would emerge and we would be ready to step up when it did.

When we returned from our journey to see the miracle healer John Of God in Brazil (Click here to read about my experience with John of God and meeting with Oprah Winfrey.), back in April, one neighbor was moving out, and the single mom with her son was considering moving too. Sensing that the timing was right, we decided to get all the tenants together to discuss this matter as a group. Some tenants were opposed to the idea of opting out, having gone to “official” websites such as the World Health Organization to do their research and found assurance that the smart meters were perfectly safe. One neighbor said that he didn’t know anybody who was affected by the technology, even though he had just heard five of his neighbors testify to their health challenges since the smart meters had been installed. By the end of the meeting however, we had reached an agreement with terms that would satisfy us all, including asking our landlord to pay everyone’s initial opt-out fee.


To our amazement, the landlord agreed to cover the opt-out fees and a few weeks later, the whole complex became a “Smart” meter-free zone! I call this a MIRACLE.

Our single mother neighbor hasn’t had a fever since, we haven’t heard her son cough once, and almost everyone reports feeling better!

What is really juicy to me about this is that I consider it proof that we all have the power to move mountains – I really believe this is true for all of us. The power to move mountains is not in numbers, but in the genuine Faith of one person, You.

YOU have the power to move mountains!

That power gets activated when:

- You have a deep conviction
- Your motivation is LOVE and care
- You ask for help “from above”


I want to know:
what is the mountain in your life that you’re ready to move?

Reach now deep into the heart of your faith and plant the seed that will move your mountain; I am supporting you in this very moment while you do this...
Know that this mountain WILL move, in accordance with Divine timing.
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