My Journey to John of God

Written by Francois.

I’ve been sitting in front of this empty “digital page” for hours. It’s been two days since we returned from Brazil, and I know that I’m supposed to write about my experience with John of God in the little town of Abadiania where miracles are the daily experience of hundreds of people…
But where to start? What should I share, what would be most valuable for you?
Do you want to know that Oprah Winfrey asked ME for a hug on my birthday?
Francois with Oprah Sharper
Do you want to hear about the dozens of miracles that Christi and I experienced and witnessed? Or would you like to hear about my personal “inner journey”?
Here are some of the thoughts that are streaming through my mind right now. First, reality is stretchable - it is what we say it is. If this doesn’t seem to be the case, it is only because of our lack of understanding of how it all works, and the rigidity of our belief systems that are constantly reinforced by our social environment.
My time in the Amazon back in 1996 –six months with the headshrinkers– showed me a culture that relies on unseen yet reliable forces for their survival. For example, having no electricity and no telephones, the Shuar people learn of the impending arrival of a visitor from a specific bird singing a specific song above the entrance to their house - I witnessed this! It is hard for someone who was raised in the Western world to believe. Can you imagine preparing a meal for someone who hasn’t arrived yet just because a bird landed on your door and started singing?!
Likewise, reality in Abadiania is stretchy to such a degree that miracles are expected, and therefore occur daily. I met a German lady who for years needed crutches to walk, whom the Entity incorporated in John of God had commanded to “get up and walk” without her crutches! I met her a few days after that moment, and she had been walking freely up and down the main street without her crutches ever since, with only slight pain due to her atrophied hip muscles.
Then there is our friend Anna who had a lump of scar tissue the size of a golf ball on her stomach. A lawyer by profession, she was skeptical about the invisible surgery she was scheduled to receive. But the excruciating pain that manifested during the intervention, and the disappearance of the mass the next day made a believer out of her.
My intention in taking the 6,000-mile journey to see John of God was to restore my full connection with God and to receive guidance around my next step of service in the world. The journey led me to clear many blocks ranging from fears to subtle layers of doubt and lack of self-love.
The morning I met Oprah –I didn’t know she was ‘in the house’, at the Casa de Dom Inacio – my specific intention for that day was to remove any doubt and open up my channels of prosperity, so that I can bring my service in the world to the next level. I followed my inner guidance, and it led me to Oprah Winfrey.
In the photo above, Oprah had just asked me: “Did I get that hug yet?” Christi came right on time to capture the moment, just seconds after O and I had shared a warmhearted bear hug.
Meeting this extraordinary person of course is a blessing even on the surface, but at a deeper level, I see a message from the Divine in response to my healing intentions. What better way to ease my doubts and answer my prayers to expand my service in the world and increase my prosperity, than to bring me Oprah Winfrey who is the living embodiment of high service in combination with opulent wealth! It is as if Prosperity itself took form and asked me to embrace it, and all I had to do was say ‘yes’!
Of course, merely "wanting something" isn't enough to manifest it into our lives. It is the use of the spiritual tools that bring us back in alignment with our Spirit, and the conscious use of our "intention" and vibration that do.
The next day, the owner of the inn we were staying at told me that I was in the Brazilian newspaper with John of God and Oprah. I tried to find a copy, but the sensation of local celebrity John of God being visited by such a high-profile individual as Oprah caused the paper to sell out.
Another highlight of my journey was when I saw “the entity” for the second time (they call it “the entity” because John Of God is what is called an unconscious medium, meaning that he channels benevolent Spirits to bring healing to the world, and doesn’t consciously participate himself). My intention was to let go of fear in general, and specifically my squeamishness around surgeries and blood.




I would have preferred to stand in front of our group guides Dana and Jenai, knowing that there was a good chance that Dana would get a physical surgery to remove a cyst in his back, and standing behind him could mean having to watch him be cut open for 10 – 15 minutes, a nightmare for me. But when I listened for my inner guidance, it told me to stand behind them. Sure enough, the entity did take Dana aside, and then sent me to sit right across from him. At first I thought that my purpose for being there was to witness Dana’s “big moment”. But I heard a clear voice in my head saying, “Oh no! You’re going to receive your healing too!” At that moment, I saw a blue-purplish color coming down from above. As this energy entered my body, I was overwhelmed with an indescribable sense of unconditional love and peace. Tears started running down my face as I felt the deepest self-acceptance, serenity and love for all that is. After about 10 minutes, the inner voice was back: “Open your eyes.” Dana’s surgery was about to start. I watched as the entity made a three-inch incision and blood started coming out of the gaping wound. He shoved his finger underneath the skin and removed the bits of flesh that needed to be taken out. (This is all happening with no physical anesthesia, yet there is no pain experienced due to the vibration that is held during the operations. The only antiseptic used is holy water.) Witnessing this was a huge deal for me: for the first time in my life, I was able to watch this gory scene without discomfort and at total peace.
The feeling in the little town of Abadiania is so peaceful and safe. It is surrounded by beautiful green vegetation and red earth. There is a gorgeous waterfall where pilgrims go for spiritual cleansing and nourishment. Butterflies are everywhere and land on different body parts in synchronistic moments, apparently responding to one’s thoughts and intentions. Wild lizards, toucans and monkeys also inhabit this little jungle that keeps revealing itself each time one visits it.



 This photo with John of God was taken on my birthday. I was walking back from the waterfall and thought I'd surprise Christi with a green juice. John of God "happened" to be right across the street, and I was delighted to have the opportunity to thank him from the bottom of my heart for his divine service in the world (55 years of it)...

As I write these lines, I am aware of the limitation of language to describe the mind-blowing interconnectedness of my experience in Brazil, so complex and multi-dimensional that it is nearly impossible to portray for the reader all the ways that the mundane was transformed to the miraculous there. There is so much more, but I hope that this brief account satisfies some of your curiosity about John of God and that you will go and experience the Casa for yourself if you are called to. If nothing else, may these words initiate a stretch in your mind about what you believe is possible for your own life and also globally for the destiny of our world.
Love and blessings from Christi and I!

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