Build it and they will come

Written by Francois.

“If there was one thing you could “build” in your lifetime, what would it be?

What is it that you could build that would definitely give you a lifetime of fulfillment and true success?”

I asked myself this question 20 years ago, and the answer that came was so profound that it guides me to this day.

Most of my clients are CEOs, executives, or entrepreneurs; people who are definitely the ‘creator’ type. They want results. They usually show up for our first call with a list of their latest goals, and want help reaching them. One of my clients said he wanted to have 20 million dollars in his bank account 10 years from now, to which I responded, “Why limit yourself?” As they progress through the experience of transformation that coaching brings, my clients quickly understand that what is happening is many times more valuable than all the gold in the world.

Hands breaking free

As they develop their capacity for awareness (which makes transformation possible), a deeper understanding of the mechanics of Creation and Reality starts to emerge. They feel more clear, expanded, and connected, and begin to see their lives very differently from how they did before. Where before there were only walls to fell and dragons to conquer, now opportunities start to show up which they seize with ease and grace. As they align with their Spirit, life and the Universe become allies instead of obstacles to creation, and this change is PRICELESS…

Build it and they will come.

When I chose to build a relationship with my highest and best Self, it quickly became evident that I first had to break down the obsolete structures that my lower self had laid down earlier in my life. I had to let go of destructive thought patterns and emotions, limiting beliefs that once kept me safe, blocks in my energy field, and more… The amount of change I was longing for was overwhelming at times, but I soon realized that most of my work was this clearing process; that with the garbage gone, my best Self had a much more welcoming receptacle in which to make its home. The inner space I created was like an invitation to the Universe to come and play, and I found myself filled with inspiration, alignment and clarity. I now know my next steps in creation, although sometimes they involve asking for help!

Man on stairs to heaven

This alignment is what allowed me, 10 years ago, to create a thriving healing practice within a year and a half of arriving in the USA. Yes, within one year and a half, 400 clients had sought out my services. Call it miraculous, but it is simply what conscious creation looks like when you are living from your higher self.

I built it, and they’re still coming.

If you’re interested in learning tools for Conscious Creation and building a relationship with YOUR highest and best self, call or email me ASAP. I have two coaching spots opening up in December and January and would love to offer you an intro session to see if coaching is right for you!

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