A New Way to New Year

Written by Francois.

First, here is a big virtual wave of love and gratitude for your presence in the world.

Second, an acknowledgment for all the good that you have stepped into in 2012.

Third, here is my tip to create the mind shift that can radically affect the outcome of your visions and goals for 2013:

Take inventory of “What went well this year?”. (This question given to me by one of my teachers, unearthed in me great spiritual and practical “nuggets”.)

We easily tend to skip over the great things we accomplished every year. We tend to believe that if we criticize ourselves enough, and think about how we’ve failed, we might do better next time. And we go on with our lives, year after year, trying to better ourselves from the stand point of “I’m not good enough”. The truth is that by looking at all the things that went well for us, our family, and our business, we start seeing a “very full glass” and gather our power to carry more of it over into the following year.

Yes, 2013 is not a new chance for you to do things better than the so-so previous year. Rather, it is an extension of all the things that went well, with much more power due to the wisdom and experience you have acquired during the past year.

Make 2013 an EXTENSION of your expanding wisdom, love and success!


Higher Self Lower Self Small

Addressing our lives from a place of sufficiency is the domain of the Higher Self. Insufficiency comes from the lower self.

So ask yourself this question: “What went well this year?”

My wife Christi and I took inventory of all that went well in our lives in 2012, and we were mind blown by all the steps we have taken and all the good that we’ve experienced last year! We did our process in a Word document and added as many great photos as we could.

Enjoy this uplifting process and enter 2013 with a sense of total sufficiency. Yes, YOU ARE ENOUGH.

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