Spirit CPR™: The Three Steps to Becoming a Magnet for your True Love

Written by Francois.

If you are single, spiritual, and interested... no... committed to finding your True Love, then there is a clear path that might be just what the doctor ordered: Spirit CPR™! Yes, your Spirit could be in serious need of Spirit CPR™ especially if it has been a while since your True Love heart has beat. 

What is Spirit CPR™? It is a three step formula that can take you from being single and stuck, to feeling connected, alive, and super mega attractive. Simply put: A True Love Magnet!

What are the three steps?

C stands for Clearing 

Clearing all blockages to you being your True beautiful Self and a magnet for your True Love.

P stands for Proactivating

Proactivating your True Self, your gifts, your strengths, your Light.

R stands for Receiving

So you can be in a receptive mode and actually be in the state that will allow for your True Love to show up at your door step!

If this formula appeals and resonnates with you, you can do one of two things:

  • Work one-on-one with a True Love Magnet™ coach (the minimum commitment is three months).
  • Sign up for one of our workshops or retreats.

If you are interested in finding out more about this process, please leave us your email at the bottom of this page:

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