More Heart, Less Mind

Written by Francois.

Take a moment to take a big long deep clearing breath and receive a big whoosh of positive intent for your well-being and success.


No time to read my whole article this month? Here are the two main take aways:

                                       "No worries, your Heart's got your back!"
                                      "What your Heart once chose is never lost!"

We all have different gifts and strengths. In my life, one of my most precious gifts has been my ability to “follow my heart.” My commitment to living my whole life – including my business – from that place of inspiration and integrity has brought me a holistic success that fulfills me on all levels.

Albert Einstein once said: “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”

What did he mean by that?

It’s pretty simple: we have more than one mind. We have a rational mind, and another, ‘higher’ mind that has the ability to successfully direct the ship of our life even through its most treacherous passages. That mind shows us the way. The rational mind executes ideas, but it should not be put at the helm of our lives. Our other mind should; let’s call that intuitive mind the Heart.

Even science tells us – this is fascinating to me! – that the human heart’s electro-magnetic field is thousands of times stronger than the field of the brain. 


While the brain is great at accomplishing tasks, the Heart holds a deeper knowing that we can use to guide us on our life path.

Did you know that the human heart has neurons?

Your Heart can illuminate the highest path for your personal life and your business. It can also take into account the impact of its vision on the next seven generations, as the Native Americans have traditionally thought about the impact of their creations on generations to come. Your Heart will take care of you. There is no need to let your mind waste energy worrying! If you don’t believe me, let the following stories from my life provide some inspiration.

Last week, I was invited to speak at the University of San Francisco. The topic was: "Your Personal Brand and The Path of a Purpose-Driven Entrepreneur."

Speech EDHEC -USF- Francois with Lisa Norton-Medium

The audience was a group of young entrepreneurs and some of the brightest minds in the world today. They had just graduated from an elite school for entrepreneurs in France, and were here on an immersion program. Some of them had already created a couple of companies!

To me, what was cool about this speaking opportunity was that it didn’t result from any mental strategy to expand my work, but from having met “Power Networker” Lisa Norton while following my heart to a vacation in Maui 5 years ago. During that trip I was also invited to teach a workshop on conscious relationships. Had I followed my mind instead of my heart, I wouldn’t have gone on this trip because I had so much business to take care of back home!

Here’s another one. Years ago, I spent months at the computer overflowing with inspiration that compelled me to write an oracle – a tool that would provide spiritual guidance on demand. During this time the words just kept flowing through me with no conscious effort on my part. Christi would ask: “What are you doing? Why are you doing this?” and I’d answer, “I don’t know, I just have to.” However, after the oracle was complete, it sat unused on my computer for years. I often felt sad that this invaluable spiritual guidance system was just sitting on my computer, of no use to anyone. Then one day, one of my life coaching clients said: “Francois… there is this new thing called “apps” for iPhones, and I’m starting a business creating them. Do you have an idea for one?” Right away I remembered my Oracle. “Yes,” I said, “as a matter of fact I do!” I realized then that my Oracle project hadn’t ‘failed’, it was just waiting for Divine timing, because the technology for it hadn’t been available yet! A year later, the My Oracle app was unveiled and to this day, I still bump into people who tell me they use it regularly. I even met a person in Brazil last month who had my app and loves it! So once again, I trusted my heart even though my mind thought I was wasting my time, and years later, My Oracle saw the light of day. It now helps thousands of people and provides me with a passive source of income.

iPhone MyOracleScreenMagazine

If you own an iPhone or iPod/iPad you can find My Oracle here:;uo=6

Now, if these examples from my life still don’t inspire you to follow your heart, perhaps this most recent one will. This example shows how following my heart in the face of deep doubt from others had a positive impact on my future in ways I could never have imagined. The story begins with my brother, who wrote a novel inspired by my extraordinary experiences living with the headshrinkers in the Amazon for six months in 1996. His book is called: “Kana et Mashu”; Mashu is the name given to me by the Indians. I had graduated from business school eight months earlier, and all my fellow students had found positions in the corporate world, but I felt compelled to,“follow my heart” in a different direction. My desire to travel the world didn’t make sense to many of my friends and family at the time: “Your diploma will lose its value!” some would say, or “How is this travelling going to serve you in the long run?”. I understood their concern, but at the same time I just knew that my Heart was telling a different story that included living in the jungle thousands of miles away from my home in France. Now this all took place many years ago, but just last week, my brother’s book was published in France! He put the link to my website at the end, so those who are interested in learning how to co-create successful lives and businesses can contact me. I had no idea back in the 1990’s that by following my heart against all reasonable advice and embarking on a seven-year journey around the world, I was co-creating amazing possibilities for my future.

Couverture livre Kana et Mashu

If you read French, you may want to check out my brother’s website about the book: It is also in the process of being translated into English.

Our Heart holds the knowing we need to follow our highest and best path. It has an expanded vision that works outside of time and yields sustainable, holistic results in our lives. It shows us not only the way to be fully alive and ‘on purpose,’ but how to take care of all our needs on a practical level. While the mind excels at dissecting, analyzing, and achieving specific tasks, the Heart unifies, harmonizes and strengthens through courage.

Most of us have forgotten how to listen to our heart, so we experience doubt and confusion when we wish to do so. Our rational minds assure us that they can ‘figure out’ our lives, and not knowing where else to turn, we let them. Even when we do hear, see or know our Heart’s guidance, too often we lack the support we need to move forward and bring our vision to fruition. So we are left dreaming about the day things will change, but they never do. We feel trapped by some invisible force that keeps us stuck and confused. This invisible force is the power of our unconscious mind. Since it is unconscious, we can’t see it to change it, and that is why we can’t do this alone. We need skilled allies that can keep us focused and on track. This is the reason why more and more people, from housewives to executives, have begun to hire life and business coaches in recent years.

Each of us has a great contribution to make, one that doesn’t just make us happy, but that lights up the whole world.

Howard Thurman said: “Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

Take a big long deep breath into your heart space right now…

Feel its power…

Sense its intelligence…

What is it telling you?

What is it showing you?

If you would like non-judgmental support and a skilled ally to help you let go of unconscious blocks and move toward your dreams or business goals, I have one spot opening in June. Contact me to schedule a short introductory session to talk about what you want to create and how coaching with me can help.



A New Way to New Year

Written by Francois.

First, here is a big virtual wave of love and gratitude for your presence in the world.

Second, an acknowledgment for all the good that you have stepped into in 2012.

Third, here is my tip to create the mind shift that can radically affect the outcome of your visions and goals for 2013:

Take inventory of “What went well this year?”. (This question given to me by one of my teachers, unearthed in me great spiritual and practical “nuggets”.)

We easily tend to skip over the great things we accomplished every year. We tend to believe that if we criticize ourselves enough, and think about how we’ve failed, we might do better next time. And we go on with our lives, year after year, trying to better ourselves from the stand point of “I’m not good enough”. The truth is that by looking at all the things that went well for us, our family, and our business, we start seeing a “very full glass” and gather our power to carry more of it over into the following year.

Yes, 2013 is not a new chance for you to do things better than the so-so previous year. Rather, it is an extension of all the things that went well, with much more power due to the wisdom and experience you have acquired during the past year.

Make 2013 an EXTENSION of your expanding wisdom, love and success!


Higher Self Lower Self Small

Addressing our lives from a place of sufficiency is the domain of the Higher Self. Insufficiency comes from the lower self.

So ask yourself this question: “What went well this year?”

My wife Christi and I took inventory of all that went well in our lives in 2012, and we were mind blown by all the steps we have taken and all the good that we’ve experienced last year! We did our process in a Word document and added as many great photos as we could.

Enjoy this uplifting process and enter 2013 with a sense of total sufficiency. Yes, YOU ARE ENOUGH.


Build it and they will come

Written by Francois.

“If there was one thing you could “build” in your lifetime, what would it be?

What is it that you could build that would definitely give you a lifetime of fulfillment and true success?”

I asked myself this question 20 years ago, and the answer that came was so profound that it guides me to this day.

Most of my clients are CEOs, executives, or entrepreneurs; people who are definitely the ‘creator’ type. They want results. They usually show up for our first call with a list of their latest goals, and want help reaching them. One of my clients said he wanted to have 20 million dollars in his bank account 10 years from now, to which I responded, “Why limit yourself?” As they progress through the experience of transformation that coaching brings, my clients quickly understand that what is happening is many times more valuable than all the gold in the world.

Hands breaking free

As they develop their capacity for awareness (which makes transformation possible), a deeper understanding of the mechanics of Creation and Reality starts to emerge. They feel more clear, expanded, and connected, and begin to see their lives very differently from how they did before. Where before there were only walls to fell and dragons to conquer, now opportunities start to show up which they seize with ease and grace. As they align with their Spirit, life and the Universe become allies instead of obstacles to creation, and this change is PRICELESS…

Build it and they will come.

When I chose to build a relationship with my highest and best Self, it quickly became evident that I first had to break down the obsolete structures that my lower self had laid down earlier in my life. I had to let go of destructive thought patterns and emotions, limiting beliefs that once kept me safe, blocks in my energy field, and more… The amount of change I was longing for was overwhelming at times, but I soon realized that most of my work was this clearing process; that with the garbage gone, my best Self had a much more welcoming receptacle in which to make its home. The inner space I created was like an invitation to the Universe to come and play, and I found myself filled with inspiration, alignment and clarity. I now know my next steps in creation, although sometimes they involve asking for help!

Man on stairs to heaven

This alignment is what allowed me, 10 years ago, to create a thriving healing practice within a year and a half of arriving in the USA. Yes, within one year and a half, 400 clients had sought out my services. Call it miraculous, but it is simply what conscious creation looks like when you are living from your higher self.

I built it, and they’re still coming.

If you’re interested in learning tools for Conscious Creation and building a relationship with YOUR highest and best self, call or email me ASAP. I have two coaching spots opening up in December and January and would love to offer you an intro session to see if coaching is right for you!


Right Livelihood – You could be dying making a living

Written by Francois.

Last night, I stopped by my neighbor’s and asked her how her new job was going. She had started this job with GREAT ENTHUSIASM three months ago...


...but now had an unhappy feeling of being trapped in a job that felt yucky mucky and ucky . She had taken the job for the money, but it just “wasn’t her.”

This reminded me of a job I had in 1998, as a door-to-door salesman selling books. I knew it “wasn’t me,” or in coaching words “wasn’t aligned with my core values,” but I was desperate for money and so I took the job. I told myself, “ Here is an opportunity to bring light into the homes of people whom I could otherwise not reach.” And so I did.

I had plenty of gifts and talents which actually allowed me to do super well and within two months I became the number five best performer out of thousands of experienced salesmen. My boss couldn’t believe my results and one day, he came with me to see how “Francois did his magic”. One thing that astounded him was that I could be sitting in the living room of a total stranger within 30 seconds of knocking on their door. A minute later, I was being served coffee and biscuits. People trusted me and my sales were solid. This went on for a few months, but something odd started happening…

My body started getting sick. I knew it was related to trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. What was happening, was this job required me to compromise some of my core fundamental values, such as transparency, authenticity and genuineness. Of course, a part of me WAS genuine and cared about the people I interacted with, and I was seizing my opportunity to bring warmth to their hearts and a smile to their day. However, the “other agenda” of selling them books, (which I often knew they didn’t need or they flat out couldn’t afford without straining their financial well being), caused me to feel like a manipulator and I felt shame. I was torn on the inside. And that tear went right through from my Spiritual body, to my Emotional body, and all the way into my physical body.

Having worked as a Business and Spirit Coach® for years now, I have seen this correlation over and over, between our livelihood and our health.

We can try to reason ourselves until we’re blue telling ourselves that taking this job (or staying in this job) is the “wisest” choice considering our current situation and responsibilities. And this might be true, short term, but in the long run, it could end up harming you if it is not aligned with your core values and your higher purpose. What becomes evident, nowadays more than ever, is a priority shift in our responsibilities. We have a need to make sure that our ethics reach all the way to what is in natural harmony with who we truly are, and who we came here to be.

You may have heard of the term Right Livelihood, which is a part of the Noble Eightfold Path of Buddhism.


According to Buddhism, Right Livelihood means that one should earn one's living in a righteous way and that wealth should be gained legally and peacefully.

Your job is most likely legal (smile), but is it supporting a sense of peace inside of you?

If yes, then congratulations on following your Soul’s guidance! But I’m sure you know someone who is miserable in their job. If so, I encourage you to send this email their way.

If your answer is no, and you’re not feeling peace or happiness with your job then read on.

In his book “Biology of Belief”, scientist Bruce Lipton shows us how our genes get activated according to our beliefs, NOT genetics. Our physical well being has an intimate relationship with the subtle workings of our deeper Selves.

[p128] "When it comes to sheer neurological processing abilities, the subconscious mind is millions of times more powerful than the conscious mind. If the desires of the conscious mind conflict with the programs in the subconscious mind, which "mind" do you think will win out?“

So… we can’t trick ourselves just as we can’t fit a round peg into a square hole. There is a part of us that is all knowing. And when we are out of integrity with this aspect of ourselves, we experience suffering. If this is your case, what can you do?

The first step is to recognize that something is stirring/ not at peace on the inside. The second step is to find the cause of that disturbance. The third is to create change. This can be an easy process in some cases, but oftentimes it can be challenging and overwhelming on many levels, and the support of a trained professional is then advised.

You are a powerful creator, you can create a new job, or a new source of income. One that brings you joy and abundance, you must only recognize your need for it, and then take the steps to get yourself there.

If you are interested in developing your potential, clearing old blockages and exploring your possibilities in life and in work, I have two spaces opening in October for one-on-one coaching with me (it’s over the phone and I have clients throughout the world). I can also refer you to another trusted professional if you’d like. Feel free to send me an email by replying to this letter, or call me now at (415) 383-0818

It’s time to stop doing the work you hate and step into the life you were meant to live!



The mountain, a health hazard, and the mustard seed

Written by Francois.

Do you have an obstacle in your life or business that feels like an insurmountable mountain right now? Maybe it's even been there all along?


Yeshua said to them, “Because of your unbelief, for amen, I say to you, that if you had faith like a grain of mustard seed, you may say to this mountain, 'Move from here', and it will move, and nothing will be difficult for you”. ~ Aramaic Bible in Plain English


Christi and I were facing a huge mountain recently when we asked for help from above, and within weeks, the mountain was gone.

It is TRUE that, as Jesus is reported to have said, with faith ALL things are possible. We have all been there; one minute we’re facing what seems to be an insurmountable obstacle, and the next it is gone.


Just over a year ago, PG&E installed “Smart Meters” in our apartment complex. Immediately, many of our neighbors started getting sick, including us. Christi and I were the first to suspect these new meters as the cause of our ill-being, but at first we didn’t say anything because we didn’t want to alarm our neighbors. Over the course of the year however, we realized that we weren’t the only ones affected by this new technology.

One of our neighbors is the single mother of a 10-year old boy. Since the meters were installed, she had had fevers every three days, and her son had been coughing daily. Their bedroom was right above the row of “Smart” meters. One day, she knocked on our door crying and said she didn’t know what was happening to she and her son and wanted our “special doctor’s” information. Another neighbor got so “jacked up” that she had to leave her home where she had lived for the past 12 years to live in a community that hadn’t yet been converted to the “Smart” Meter technology. We saw her the day she moved out, and her whole body was shaking. The most common symptoms among our other neighbors were tinnitus (ringing in the ears), heart palpitations, headaches, fuzzy brain, anxiety, and fatigue.


Motivated by our experience, I went to a CPUC meeting in San Francisco to voice my concerns to the commissioners about a technology that had had a proven impact on our health. There, I was surprised to meet dozens of other concerned citizens, some of whom had become so sick from the smart meters that they couldn’t live in their homes anymore and had been forced to move out. I was also surprised by the lack of care, support, and credibility that was accorded to these citizens by the powers that be. What else could we do?

For now, as we raise more awareness and get more legal leverage to stop the dangerous technology, all we can do is “Opt-out” of the smart meter program. This comes with an initial fee of $75 per household, plus a monthly fee of $10 dollars on top of the energy bill - a strong deterrent for many who are struggling to make ends meet.

We thought there was no way we could get EVERYBODY (20 tenants) to opt-out and spend more money every month, especially since not everyone was consciously affected by the smart meters. We were daunted by the thought of having to educate every single household about the dangers of the meters and convince them that opting out was the safest option for everybody, especially the children in the complex. We decided to let go of trying to do this right away, but kept a strong faith that a solution would emerge and we would be ready to step up when it did.

When we returned from our journey to see the miracle healer John Of God in Brazil (Click here to read about my experience with John of God and meeting with Oprah Winfrey.), back in April, one neighbor was moving out, and the single mom with her son was considering moving too. Sensing that the timing was right, we decided to get all the tenants together to discuss this matter as a group. Some tenants were opposed to the idea of opting out, having gone to “official” websites such as the World Health Organization to do their research and found assurance that the smart meters were perfectly safe. One neighbor said that he didn’t know anybody who was affected by the technology, even though he had just heard five of his neighbors testify to their health challenges since the smart meters had been installed. By the end of the meeting however, we had reached an agreement with terms that would satisfy us all, including asking our landlord to pay everyone’s initial opt-out fee.


To our amazement, the landlord agreed to cover the opt-out fees and a few weeks later, the whole complex became a “Smart” meter-free zone! I call this a MIRACLE.

Our single mother neighbor hasn’t had a fever since, we haven’t heard her son cough once, and almost everyone reports feeling better!

What is really juicy to me about this is that I consider it proof that we all have the power to move mountains – I really believe this is true for all of us. The power to move mountains is not in numbers, but in the genuine Faith of one person, You.

YOU have the power to move mountains!

That power gets activated when:

- You have a deep conviction
- Your motivation is LOVE and care
- You ask for help “from above”


I want to know:
what is the mountain in your life that you’re ready to move?

Reach now deep into the heart of your faith and plant the seed that will move your mountain; I am supporting you in this very moment while you do this...
Know that this mountain WILL move, in accordance with Divine timing.
(Ps: For more information specifically about Smart Meters and EMFs, please contact Jeromy Johnson who is a local expert in this arena. He is an engineer who can show you how to reduce the EMF pollution in your home or business by 90%. My wife, Christi, and I were amazed at what he showed us in just one hour! We feel much better in our home now.

With more people becoming sensitive to EMFs, this is a timely and wonderful service. or 415-505-9251
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