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Leadership Energetics™ is a success formula developed by Francois Levannier, that dramatically improves the leadership and communication potential of a person or a team .
"Francois brought a unique energy that inspired our team!" 
Bruce Raabe, President of Collins & Company, Wealth Managers in Marin County.
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How does Leadership Energetics™ work?
To go anywhere, from point A to point B, a vehicle is needed. Leadership Energetics™ uses a C.A.R. , in which:
C stands for Clearing – the blocks to success.
A stands for Activating – the gifts, talents, and abilities of the individual or team.
R stands for Receiving – the results, the success.
The approach is working not only at the level of mind, body and emotions, but also beyond at the level of energy, where true power to create influence resides. Therefore Leadership Energetics™ can create rapid results.
"I learned at an early age the power of working with subtle energies. I grew up with my grandfather who was a very well known homeopath in France. In homeopathy, the less actual substance remains in the remedial solution, the higher vibration is achieved, and the most potency the remedy has. It is the same with success. When working at the level of energy rather than getting caught in the physical "doing", results and successes show up faster and in more harmonious ways rather than burn out. ", says Francois Levannier.
We provide coaching and training to executives and teams. 
Create the change your company needs by providing training for top-, middle-, and low-level managment with Leadership Energetics™!
We offer retreats locally and internationally, from daylongs to a week, as well as flash seminars of an hour to half a day.
Leadership Energetics™ in individual executive coaching format or group interactive seminar will teach:
  • High Impact Communication Skills: increase sales and improve communication among team members
  • Develop presence and charisma in relationships with co-workers or on stage
  • Team building & development
  • Increase Trust
  • Team Visioning
  • Leadership Development
  • Executive Coaching
  • Conflict Resolution
"Francois helped our team maximize the impact of an important project. He gave the team specific tools to bring forward the desired results (i.e. raising capital, attracting media attention, collaboration with politicians,..). We are grateful for his work."

Zara Babitzke, MA Founder/Director Ambassadors of Hope and Opportunity, nonprofit organization,

“As a small group experiencing massive growth, change, and uncertainty, Francois’ talent and skills were/are just the right match. He set an appropriate and encouraging tone and foundation that called upon each team member to really “show-up”. And that we did!

Francois helped us tap into our shared emotional and cerebral intelligence, and raised our overall team spirit. We’ve got momentum to move forward as individuals and as a team with trust, a deeper connection with each other, and with a clear intention of the organizational culture we wish to nurture and build.

His highly perceptive insight remains a force for us as we continue on the journey.”

Julie Block, President & CEO, National Eczema Association,


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