“Being in a room or on the phone with Francois is pure inspiration in and of itself. His positive energy vibrates and uplifts you.


When he speaks- his compassion, wisdom, and focus on guiding you to be all that you are takes you to a whole new level of understanding what Life or Business can be. If there really are Angels in the material world, Francois is one of them!”

Award winning author of 'Get Naked Fast', owner and creator of The Retreat Costa Rica, Founder and chief formulator of The Truth Bar, creator of The Naked Challenge Detox Program, award winning blog writer, fostering freedom and empowerment.


“Francois has been instrumental in helping me achieve my full potential in my life and business. When I started working with Francois, I had been doing spiritual work in the form of daily meditation for several years. Francois helped me build on that spiritual work and dramatically accelerate my progress! After working with him for only a few sessions and employing the tools he instructed me in I was able to shift my perceptions about myself and what was possible in my life. The tangible results soon started to flow in the form of improved relationships and increased business success. In just a few months of doing the work our business has expanded significantly! We’re regularly being surprised by the new opportunities that keep showing up!

Alex Cioth Photo Website

On a more personal level, the work has significantly raised my baseline level of happiness and feeling of well-being…in some respects I hardly recognize the person I used to be... To be perfectly honest, I’m not sure how it all works, but it does! I absolutely trust the process and Francois. I have come to know him as a person of utmost integrity, care and compassion. If you want to raise your life (and business!) to a new level (take an honest look!) I highly recommend you explore working with Francois.”

Alex Cioth, Founder & CEO, Claremonth Foods, LLC, www.ClaremontFoods.com


“Francois is able to hear the deeper meanings of what is expressed. He took me on a journey that peeled the onion layers and got to the core.


Logo Lydia 

His gentle & sensitive approach yet firm & tenacious was helpful to move me in the direction of my highest good. Francois is skillful and I am grateful to have him as an ally.”

 Lydia Kindheart, CEO Lydia’s Loving Foods, www.lydiasorganics.com


"Francois is an incredibly gifted human being. His kindness and love radiates out of him like rays of sunshine. He is able to see beyond what most people can see and help with his deep wisdom and guidance. I am truly grateful for the support he provided me in helping me see such a bigger vision of who I am and my life's purpose and to gain clarity on my direction as well as helping me release what no longer serves me.

Picture Marcy Morrison

Thank you Francois for the infusion of love and light - you are a gift and I am grateful for you :)!!”

Marcy Morrison, Life Coach, San Diego, www.CareerWithWings.com


"I learned of Francois and his practice through a business acquaintance. Though a bit skeptical of what life or business coaching could do for me, I was intrigued by the idea. On the one hand, I looked at my combination of talent, education and experience, and figured that I should be just fine on my own. But I knew I wasn't -- the size and scope of my personal/professional rut felt like a cliche of a cliche(!). So I made the fateful decision to seek a jumpstart from without. With Francois, I made a great choice.

Anthony Wyatt Jones Photo Website
From the start, Francois really listened to the words I was saying, and just as importantly, he paid close attention to the spaces in between. His fresh outside perspective, combined with proven stimulative techniques, very quickly got me off my status quo. I am now able to move when I need to, and the decisions I make flow from a place of self-truth, so I'm not constantly frustrated and second-guessing myself. The best part of working with Francois is that whenever I look back at the progress I've made, the things I've accomplished, the mindset shifts that have occurred, I always feel that it's something that I've done for myself, based on my own strength and resolve. Francois is not a crutch that leads to a tumble when his presence is removed; rather he is a catalyst whose insights, challenges and "homework" enable you to feed and sustain your own personal growth between sessions, and beyond."
Anthony Jones, Director of Operations and Development at Point Presidio Development Group, LLC


"I have a completely new life this year, a tremendous amount of new found happiness and growth, a tremendous amount of peace and personal balance...so much of this was unplanned because I never imagined life could have improved this way, but it definitely feels like life is where it always should have been.

Athena Palombi with Francois

I highly recommend working with Francois; he is an amazing person that really cares about his clients. He is a brilliant person and friend and working with him was one of the greatest investments I have ever made.”

Athena Palombi, Chef


"Francois is a powerful, sensitive, creative, and supportive coach. He is very intuitive and is able to get to the heart of the matter quickly. As a result, his coaching facilitates rapid transformation.


Our work together quickly helped clarify my life vision and the action needed to get there. Francois was instrumental in helping me step into the lifework of my dreams, one that is congruent with my passion and values."

Lauren Spelman, Financial Coach, www.sagefinancialrenewal.com



"Francois has opened up my world beyond the world that I can see.

He has encouraged me to leave my self-doubts behind so that I may adventure out to all possibilities. It is truly a blessing to have someone help open up my mind and eyes to what I am capable of."

Joy Glenwright, CEO Joy Entertainment LLCwww.JoyEntertainmentLLC.com



“In the year that I have been working with Francois my life has taken an amazing turn. My awareness has grown to the point that I catch myself before I fall into a negative space. My relationship and connection with my wife gets better and stronger everyday. The world has become full of magic and wonder. Opportunities I never imagined have presented themselves. My self-confidence is at an all time high. My health has made a turn for the better. Things that used to bother me have become opportunities to learn and use my tools. A lightness of being has penetrated my world and affects those around me. My crazy work schedule doesn’t bring me down the way it used to. Francois’ guidance and encouragement is filled with light, wonder and magic.” 

Palace of Fine Arts

Robert Williams, Father, Husband and Head Sound Guy at Palace of Fine Arts Theater, IATSE local 16, San Francisco


"Working with Francois has been one of the best decisions I've ever made.

Before coaching, I was feeling that I wanted to experience growth and positive change on several levels, but felt unsure about which steps to take. At the time, I was living overseas and considering relocating to San Francisco. Luckily I found Francois through a mutual friend. One great thing about how Francois works is that we were able to begin coaching right away over the phone, even though I was based in Portugal at the time.



As a Life Coach, Francois works with an effective, definitive process while guiding you intuitively and insightfully each step of the way. He has been a most encouraging and supportive guide through what's been a challenging yet transformative year for me. He has helped me to begin to make more authentic life choices based on my values, honoring who I really am and who I'm becoming. He has also helped me to find light in what seemed like the darkest moments, encouraging me to go deeper within myself and ultimately experience the peace that was always there inside of me.

After only six months of coaching with Francois, I feel healthier and happier than I have in thirty years of living, and ready to meet challenges with strength and clarity instead of fear or anxiety. I truly do LOVE MY LIFE! I would highly recommend Francois to anyone, anywhere, seeking an excellent Life Coach.

Malena Perez, Vocalist/Recording Artist, Atlanta Georgia



“I was first drawn to work with business and life coach Francois because of his ability to easily manifest more joy and abundance in his life. I knew that if I wanted to create this in my life, working with someone who easily co-creates this would be key for me. After working with Francois for a few sessions I was able to quickly identify the core limiting belief that was standing in the way of stepping into my purpose fully as a psychic medium and Energy Healer but also what the core limiting beliefs were around my own self worth, self value and what I really thought about the services I offered, which had a direct impact on the flow of clients and quality of clients that I was attracting.

Photo Savonn Champelle

After just a few days of working with Francois there was a huge shift for me and more clients started to flow in who valued my services. I am grateful for working with Francois because in doing so I was able to really align with the true value of my services, and understand how charging an aligned price and following through, directly relates to how much I valued myself and my services. I can stand in my own truth without needing to be liked by anyone or altering anything in order to get more clients. I now understand that when I show up and I am being in my truth, Creator sends in the clients and everything else takes care of itself. I would recommend Francois to anyone who is wanting to take their relationship with Source and their business to the next level in a fast and easy way that will change the direction of your life and your business.”

Savonn Champelle, Psychic medium, www.SavonnChampelle.com


“I had the pleasure of participating in Francois’ group coaching program. In addition to the wonderful wisdom, insights and caring that Francois brought to the table, the small group structure also allowed for peer learning and sharing perspectives among ourselves. During the course of the program I was able to see how the work came together, and saw a specific outcome in a development plan which is proving to be very helpful in moving me forward in my life and my business. Francois also used visualization techniques very powerfully over the phone, and through these our group was able to find a deeper connection to ourselves and to each other. Thank you Francois."

Heather Bowker, Executive Coach, California



With Francois’ coaching I was able to clear some blocks. This resulted in the manifestation of a perfect job! His intuitive abilities are profound as he always brought to the sessions exactly what was needed for a transformation to occur. I always looked forward to our sessions together because of his positive and inspiring energy. He has the highest level of commitment to be of service to his clients.”

Sunil Patel, Project Manager in the Tech Industry, Silicon Valley


"Fifteen years ago I sold my ccompany to become a stay-at-home mom knowing that one day I would return to Business. I never did return to my corporate world. Nine years ago, I discovered a hidden talent that quickly turned into a passion. And thus, a new career blossomed for me as a commissioned Visual Artist.

Over the years, friends mentioned the benefits of working with business coaches. I started looking for my own coach. This person would have to be multi-talented to understand my corporate background and balance it with my growing creative, spiritual and holistic needs. Six months ago Francois was recommended to me at a pivotal point along this artistic path. After our telephone introduction I knew I was meant to work with Francois.

Heidi Visual Artist
My daily introspective, Francois-work takes commitment. It is deep, healing and enlightening. Those that love me do not always understand my path but I have pushed forward to keep working with Francois. With Francois’ guidance, I have cleared many non-serving layers and habits. I have evolved into a clear headed (internally quiet), focused, peaceful, free, happy and bold artist, mother and wife. At 45, for the first time in my life, I am child-like in my joy. I now see how infectious and potent my harnessed energy is. Thank you Francois and I look forward to continuing on this journey of Self-Discovery with you!"

Heidi Wienicke, Visual Artist, Toronto Canada, www.HeidiOriginals.com


"Francois Levannier's business coaching program was extremely valuable and two years later, I am still receiving the benefits! The insights I gained from the many exercises and processes in the program still support me when I am faced with challenges, and the tools I learned are helpful when I start feeling doubt about my abilities to guide the company toward the wild success I envision for it.
When I signed on to this program, I was in serious doubt about my capability to be the leader that could create this company. Working with Francois and witnessing the other entrepreneurs in the group grow toward their success was incredibly powerful for me."

Bessaa Guillaume, CEO Comptoir Del Tahiti


“I don't know where I would be if Francois never came into my life. We began working together in 2007 after my hip replacement surgery. It was my 6th surgery in 4 years, and I was only 22 years old. After 4 years of almost constant pain and depression, I was ready to start my new life. With the help of Francois’ life coaching, I was able to start that new life off right. He pushed me to be a better version of myself and to create a life that I can now say that I love. It is hard to put into words everything that Francois has meant to me, but maybe all of the accomplishments that I have made since he came into my life will speak for themselves: graduated from college, learned to surf, hold a full time job, have an amazing boyfriend, went down on my anti-depressants, found amazing friends, wake up with a smile on my face… Things did not happen instantly, but through his process, he planted a seed that was able to grow into a beautiful woman. Even though it has been over 3 years since we worked together, I still think of him and use the life tools that he gave me. I recommend Francois as a life coach to anyone who wants to be happy and live a more fulfilling life.”

Jessica Morison, San Diego California



“Since I began my coaching sessions with Francois just over 2 months ago, I have seen amazing changes in my life!

We began our work together at a time when I was feeling both disappointed and frustrated by my apparent lack of progress in many important life areas. He helped me to get grounded, refocus and re-energize my approach.
The results speak for themselves: Improved health, new relationship, new business opportunities and just an overall sense of well-being that feels aligned with who I really am, my authentic self. Perhaps a bit skeptical at first, my experience working with Francois has been nothing short of transformative and inspiring!
For those interested in making real change and discovery in their life, this is the coach for you!”

Matthew Cosgriff, Entrepreneur in the food industry, Carmel California



"Over the years I have spent tens of thousands of dollars on psychotherapy, attending the best workshops around, spiritual and faith healers and many other modalities in a sincere effort to be the best ME I could be.

greghug web

 I am so grateful to have finally found Francois, who has helped me recognize and break through my old self-defeating and self-limiting patterns. The result is…the authentic ME and a brand new life! I have discovered my life's purpose and my inner critic has no hold over me anymore. I am experiencing empowerment, freedom in my being, and evermore exciting successes in my life.” 

Gregory Coates, Inter-Faith Minister, Los Angeles CA 



“I am so glad and thankful that I met Francois! After our first phone call I knew that I was in good hands, and now (after only 4 or 5 sessions), I can really see so much changing in my life and business in an incredible way. I had always been looking for answers to my problems on the outside, causing me to DO more and more all the time. How exhausting!

Stephanie Stewart

Thanks to the coaching, I now know that the solutions lie in myself and Francois helps me to uncover them. I hesitated not a moment to start this business and life coaching with Francois Levannier even though my financial situation at the start of our coaching was not the best. But it paid off; in the last two months, 11 (!) new clients found me and signed up for classes at my dance and yoga studio here in Germany. It seems like things are suddenly working out, and I am amazed how problems simply disappear - it's like magic :). Old patterns of survival and fear, especially around lack of money, have completely shifted and I can already confidently say that I am feeling more control over my life and emotions. Francois is knowledgeable, sensitive and so humorous. He always has the right words and great tools that help immediately. Do you want to really change anything in your life? Call Francois!”

Stephannie Stewart, Owner of dance studio in Hannover Germany, www.Movenyo.de



“The last 13 months of our coaching relationship have transformed my life. The things I am learning allowed me to reconnect with my authentic self in a way I was missing. Life had gotten busy, and I had forgotten the importance of connection with my spirit. With Francois' gentle guidance, I have been reminded to slow down, to breathe, and to listen.

Since beginning coaching, amazing things have been happening with such ease that it simply cannot be a coincidence. I received a raise at work, without requesting it, and a substantial year-end bonus. I was also offered a new position at my company, one with a slower pace and more opportunities for work/life balance, which was a primary reason I initially sought out coaching. (It should be noted that I was offered this role, for which there was no job description or public posting, during a hiring freeze!) I could share more of these "miracles;" it has been unbelievable! 

Photo Sarah OSullivan
Francois is a fierce ally who can be trusted, and I appreciate the way he guides without judgment. He has coached me with humor and created a safe space for me to laugh at myself while I acknowledge my shortcomings. When I feel challenged by my own limiting beliefs, he offers tools in a spirit of compassion. If you are seeking significant improvements in your life, I highly recommend Francois.

Sarah O’Sullivan, Executive Assistant, Business Development Department at MedAmerica, San Francisco


"When I started working with Francois, I had never had a Spirit or Business Coach before and didn’t know what to expect. Because of the financial commitment required to hire a coach, it took me a few months to pull the trigger and get started. What finally motivated me to start was that I kept thinking about working with him. Something inside me was clearly guiding me to do this work.

As we were about to start our work together, I had the feeling that great things would happen to me that would make me want to keep coaching with Francois, and that is exactly what happened. I hired him to help me understand the reasons why certain things were happening in my life with work, family, friends and dating.

Photo Geraldine Serrano

Ever since I started coaching with Francois, I’ve found that instead of me always running after business, which was the only way I knew, business has been coming to me seemingly out of nowhere.  He told me I wouldn’t have to ‘cold-call’ or go door-knocking anymore, and he was absolutely right!  I now network much less, which is saving me hours of time every week that I can now dedicate to activities I enjoy. My relationships with family and friends have also dramatically improved. The interactions I had with them used to be so negative, but now all I receive is love, care and thoughtfulness.  I’ve also found that the guys who are interested in dating me are closer to what I’m looking for, which is another wonderful outcome.I am so happy I met Francois and hired him as my Coach. I used to be lonely, depressed and feel sorry for myself. Now though, I feel like I understand how life works for the first time, and amazing things are happening all around as a result!

Francois is worth every penny, and I high recommend him to anyone who wants to create real and lasting change for the better in their life.”

Geraldine Serrano, Business Development at Bedford Cost Segregation


“François has the ability to shift your perspective to a more fresh and empowering one. One that helps you realize what is really going on with your life and business. He helps you uncover unconscious, self-defeating patterns and beliefs that are undermining your success, so that you can do something about it.


Sometimes when you feel a bit down, you don't need someone to tell you what you should do, but rather someone who can hold space and let you be where you are. Francois handles human emotions with great tact and compassion.
Francois helped me be my best and never forget who I am, so that I now can get the results I want while enjoying the process! Most importantly, he helped me reconnect with my true self, unleashing my talents and creativity -so crucial in my line of work! He helped me be aware of my personal gifts, which supported me in growing as a person and in my business. He took me through powerful processes that made me stronger and gave me a sense of control over my life as it started flowing effortlessly. I can’t recommend Francois highly enough.”

Luis Leitao, TV Producer, London



“Before calling Francois, I had a problem keeping my boundaries in intimate relationships. I would get so afraid to loose myself in my partner that I would end up pushing my partner away and/or breaking up with him. I didn’t know what to do anymore...



Francois gave me wonderful and empowering tools that allowed me to access my own inner wisdom. I experienced a life-changing breakthrough. I also asked Francois’ advice on how to find my twin soul. He and Christi have such a loving relationship; I admire this so much. Through guided imagery and meditation, Francois led me on a journey into my subconscious where, once again, I found the answers I needed! I couldn’t have found them without him. He is such a gifted, loving, caring and warmhearted person, that you feel like magic is in the air. After our session, I felt enlightened and happy, with a concrete action plan of what’s next for me. He really touches everyone’s heart and soul.”

Catherine Van Belzen, Holland



Francois has an amazing gift for listening--not just to the words you say but to the spaces in between. He has helped me identify and refine my professional goals, and employed specific tools and his uncanny insight to help me achieve them.

Francois' coaching style embodies the ideal mix of supportiveness and challenging: sometimes a rah-rah, and other times a well-timed kick in the pants. I am definitely further along my path for having worked with Francois.

Jonathon Yorn, Loan Consultant, Livermore California


"I sought out working with Francois because I felt that I needed support on multiple levels including work, relationships and health. Francois has equipped me with new tools for changing many of my old ways and habits of relating to myself and the world. I now live with more integrity, less fear, more ease and better health and energy. I'm attracting the right people and circumstances with less effort and I have found the perfect job! I am truly in love with my life and my work. Thank you, Francois, for sharing your gifts, your love, your support, and your passion with the world. I am blessed to have you as my teacher!"

Headshot Kathy Carver

 Kathy Carver, Director of Operations, www.ExtraFood.org


"Lorsque j’ai commencé le coaching avec François, j'étais totalement perdue. Je crois que ma vie n'avait plus son fil conducteur. Je regrettais beaucoup de mes choix, dont celui de m'arrêter de travailler. J'étais dans une impasse. Ma confiance en moi était altérée et plus le temps passait et plus elle s'estompait. Notre discussion a été un tournant radical.

François, par la finesse et la pertinence de ses questions m'a permis, en un temps réduit, de m'apporter à moi-même des réponses-solutions. Son calme, son discernement, son optimisme et ses encouragements ont été "super valorisants". J'ai réalisé avec bonheur que j'étais toujours la même personne avec ces mêmes qualités de compétence autrefois reconnues. J’ai retrouvé la force et l’inspiration pour me réinvestir : j'étais capable de refaire surface ! Au final j'ai réalisé que je venais de traverser une zone de turbulences mais que ce n'était pas grave. Ayant relativé cette période éprouvante j'ai retrouvé totalement ma confiance. Aujourd'hui je retravaille et me sent tellement mieux. Rien n'est parfait mais ma nouvelle vie me plait!!!

Marie-Caroline De Turris, Paris

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