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At the Pachamama Alliance Luncheon last Thursday, I met an incredible woman by the name of Tiffany Bass Bukow. There was something inspiring and grounding about her. A confidence, freshness and a sense that she was here to help people. We talked about many things such as family and her imminent move to Brazil with her husband and child.

I was pleased to receive an email from her the next day acknowledging our connection. She had been so inspired that she had blogged about me. I went through her blog and from there to her website, where I realized who she was and what she was up to. She is Ms. Money from Her gift to the world is helping people on the path to financial freedom, and she’s especially passionate and a true expert specifically about women’s financial success.

Her website is a well of information and tools geared toward financial empowerment.

By the way, Hilary Clinton cut the ribbon at the official launching ceremony of her website, which has since drawn over 2 million visitors!

Check out her websiteat :

And make sure to read her blog at:

Good luck on your path to financial freedom and thank you Ms.Money for your help!

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