Develop Your Leadership Potential - Skill #2

A while back, I sent you a video tutorial teaching you a powerful skill to enhance your energetic presence in your life, in groups, your work, wherever you go. It was the first skill of three that I will be teaching you.

Today, I am sending you the second skill!

This one is great to help you keep confusing energies outside of your space, while strengthening your own authentic energy. It will help you not take on negative energies from other people, places or events, and be your best self no matter where you are.

This skill kept me safe during my seven-year backpacking journey around the world with no money. You can imagine the uncountable life threatening situations I have found myself in during that time. Every night I had to find a safe place to sleep, often in the streets, surrounded with miserable souls happy to hurt others. I've been at gunpoint, on the receiving end of knives. Other times in nature surrounded by deadly animals such as snakes and scorpions, in jungles or deserts. I've probably hitchhiked 100,000 miles, often at night, with all sorts of people who lives in all sorts of different realities and personal agendas...

This leadership skill was not a luxury for me, but a matter of my own survival. It now has become a tool to be in higher service in the world, creating and holding in me the truth, love and freedom I wish to see in the world.

This simple tool has helped hundreds of my clients excel in their personal and professional lives and I now hope this skill will help you on your journey to be your very best self, so you can deliver the precious gifts you came here to share, and create the success you truly long for and deserve!

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