Are "Smart Meters" safe?

Jeromy Johnson from came over to our home with his radiation measuring devices and gave us a full report on the levels of radiation inside our home as well as right outside. It was a huge eye opener to see with our own eyes WHY our neighbors were getting sick right after PG&E had installed the "Smart" Meters.

Got Self Love?


Self-appreciation is a path that is filled with benefits that serve all.
Our tendency is to look for appreciation outside ourselves. This can cost us a lot of energy. It is not sustainable. When we find appreciation for ourselves, we are able to be in our beauty and power, and deliver our gifts to a world in need with greatest ease. We can focus on living our purpose.

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Three Tools for Transformation ~ Diana Stobo interviews Life Coach Francois Levannier

Spiritual transformation is not a luxury reserved to a few freaks anymore, who decide to leave all behind and spend the rest of their lives in a cave. Transformation is now required of all of us. We are all individually responsible for the well-being of the whole. There is this "je-ne-sais-quoi" in the air that is whispering: "Transform or die." Can you feel it?! (I know, I can be so dramatic sometimes, LOL! ) I am passionate about bringing you the tools that will help you make graceful transitions, shift your reality, find freedom in your own being, and create a life that is totally aligned with your purpose! A few weeks ago, I had the joy and the honor to be interviewed by Diana Stobo on her "Diana Stobo Live" show. In this video interview, I share three simple yet powerful tools for transformation, and I'd love to share them with you! The first tool I share is to release any negativity, so that you can experience a sense of "wholeness" again.

Branding your business - Francois Levannier coaches Raw Food Advocate Diana Stobo

The success of your business depends on the quality of your branding efforts. In this video, I am helping raw food advocate and culinary artist Diana Stobo clarify her brand identity so that she can launch her company with confidence. A year later, Diana is helping thousands of people, has published two successful books, is appearing on TV, and has a blog that is read all over the world!

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