True Love Video Sample

The purpose of posting this video sample here is to showcase the beautiful work of Caroline Harrison of . It was made as a part of a program Christi and I have put together to help spiritual single people who are committed to finding their True Love. (Our program will be available later this year.)

Are "Smart Meters" safe?

Jeromy Johnson from came over to our home with his radiation measuring devices and gave us a full report on the levels of radiation inside our home as well as right outside. It was a huge eye opener to see with our own eyes WHY our neighbors were getting sick right after PG&E had installed the "Smart" Meters.

Got Self Love?


Self-appreciation is a path that is filled with benefits that serve all.
Our tendency is to look for appreciation outside ourselves. This can cost us a lot of energy. It is not sustainable. When we find appreciation for ourselves, we are able to be in our beauty and power, and deliver our gifts to a world in need with greatest ease. We can focus on living our purpose.

For full article including the seven benefits of Self Appreciation, go to blog:

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